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A Brief History


The NASA Cosmic Data Stories (CosmicDS) project started in January 2021 by Dr. Alyssa Goodman, Lead PI, and Dr. Pat Udomprasert, Science PI, both at Harvard University, with funding from the NASA Science Activation Program (SciAct), a community-based program to connect NASA science with learners of all ages.  

CosmicDS Objectives

Solar System Explorer Saturn Screen Shot

Create a web-based, learner-friendly environment for interacting with data powered by research-grade software.


Engage NASA subject matter experts (SMEs) on stories about the data they wrestle with and help bridge a gap in understanding about what scientists do.

Collaborate 2.jpg

Collaborate with education experts to ensure that the design of the CosmicDS toolkit and data exploration environment meets the needs of a diverse learner audience.

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