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Mini Data Stories

Mini Data Stories showcase new science imagery in an interactive view powered by WorldWide Telescope. Ideas for exploration and scientific highlights are shared in a brief video and narrative text.


Click the images below to access the interactive data stories!

Screen Shot 2023-12-07 at 1.32.32 PM.png

“The Brick,” is possibly the densest, most massive dark cloud in the Milky Way Galaxy!


Explore what it looks like in JWST images taken by astronomer Adam Ginsburg and team, and learn how different infrared “colors” help scientists understand the physics within The Brick and visualize its structure.

Get ready, North America, for not one but two solar eclipses! On October 14, 2023, North, Central, and South America will be treated to a beautiful annular eclipse. Only 6 months later, on April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will stretch from coast-to-coast across the United States and Canada.


This interactive lets you explore the October "Ring of Fire" eclipse from different locations!

PinwheelSN Screenshot.png

See a new supernova burst onto the scene in the Pinwheel Galaxy 200 million light years away! Learn how astronomers use data to determine what caused this supernova, discovered by Koichi Itagaki.​


Featuring images and data from MicroObservatory processed by Martin Fowler.


Follow the path of Comet ZTF — a.k.a. the “Green Comet" — through the sky and find out why it's green and discover why comet tails point where they do!


This data story features images from astro-photographer Gerald Rehmann.

Carina MS thumb v1

Explore where well-known HST and JWST images of the Carina Nebula are situated within a larger cloud of stars, dust, and gas. Cross-fade between the two images to compare what visible vs. infrared wavelength observations can teach us about star formation.


View a 1-minute video sharing scientific highlights!

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